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Hair Growth Vitamins
 by: Sarah De Young

Many vitamins help the immune system and other health needs of the body. There is one part of the human body that is sometimes forgotten, the hair. The hair is an important part to a persons appearance and the use of hair growth vitamins could help keep a persons hair looking healthy.

There can be many reasons men an women alike can need a hair loss vitamin. One reason is Alopecia Androgenica, this mainly occurs in men. It is the hereditary form of hair loss, there is not a special hair loss vitamin for this but increasing the vitamin H may help. It is not guaranteed, but could slow down the process of baldness. For a woman giving birth can cause hair loss because of the stress and hormone imbalance. This should be temporary. Hair growth vitamins that can help with this are vitamin A to help with good condition, B, C, iron, and zinc to help with hair growth production. In this case Inositol can also be used to help strength the hair. Thyroid imbalance can also cause hair loss in which case hair growth vitamins can be helpful to get the thyroid back into balance and cause the hair to grow again.

Infections, Diabetes, certain medicines, oily, dying, or electrical devices such as hair dryers can cause the hair to become brittle or unhealthy. This can in turn cause hair loss. In which hair growth vitamins can help make the hair healthy again and grow back. Always consult a doctor or hair specialist before taking hair growth vitamins.

A brief (yet not complete) list of hair growth vitamins are:
Vitamin B-complex - 50 mg. of the major B-vitamins (including folate, biotin and inositol)
Vitamin B-6 - 50 mg. of vitamin B-6
Vitamin C with bioflavonoids
Vitamin E
One recommended daily dose of magnesium, sulfur, zinc
Silica (horsetail)
Flaxseed oil

Vitamins such as B, C, and E may help the human body in many ways and hair growth is one of them. So for whatever reason hair loss has occurred there may be a hair growth vitamin that may help you get some of the hair back to health.

About The Author

Sarah De Young is an expert writer for various health websites including myvitaminstore.biz http://www.myvitaminstore.biz/health-topics.html on Hair Growth Vitamins.

This article was posted on August 28, 2006